Best Friends Photoshoot

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

These girls have been friends for 20+ years. 

Let me repeat. TWENTY years.

As Megan might say, "What the fox?"

I asked Lori to explain what being friends for 20 years is like, this is what she had to say:

"Two decades. That's how long these girls have been friends. 20+ I've cherished our friendships, basked in our laughs, and impatiently awaited our next girls' trip together. We met as teenagers at the College of William & Mary (go TRIBE!!!), celebrated each other at every wedding, welcomed lots of babies and many more fur-babies, and consoled each other on all the challenges that come with this thing called 'adulting' we're still trying to figure out. How lucky we are to have found a small tribe we can grow old with... while still acting like kids we really are inside.
This amazing long weekend concluded our tour de 40th birthday celebrations. Thank you to Amy for helping us capture all the randomness we are, and giving us an inappropriate cross-stitch session we'll remember forever.  
Until next time..."

-Lori (Atlanta) with Leena (Maryland), Mary (Tennessee), and Megan (Virginia)

10 Things All best Friends of 20 Years Will Understand

1. You literally know all of each other's secrets.

2. And though you may jokingly threaten to reveal them, you both know you never would.

3. Something will happen, and at the same time, you'll both say to each other, "Remember that time...?", and then dissolve into laughter.

4. You know that there are some things that you can tease them about...

5. You can go two months without speaking and it's like no time has passed.

6. And you both know that even if you lived in different states, you'd still be just as close.

7. You have strange nicknames for each other.

8. You've worn couple's costumes for at least one party.

9. Your inside jokes have progressed to the point where they no longer make any sense.

10. Because 20 years is a really, really long time.

Thank you ladies for coming to my inappropriate cross-stitch class at our tattoo studio here in Winter Park Florida. I was so happy to host you all!

I'll never forget runaway and deflated letter "I" lol! Now we all have an inside joke together ;)

Until next time! I cannot wait to see your cross-stitch designs below finished!


The Tattooed Bride Photography

Winter Park, Florida

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