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Adventure Elopements!


Ditch the big wedding and get donuts and tattoos instead? WHY NOT?!

So you are thinking of eloping? First of all, THAT'S SO FRIGGIN COOL, and I'm proud of you for spending your money on an experience of getting married "outside the box"!  Eloping is an amazing idea for couples who just don't want the huge wedding experience, and are looking for an equally epic wedding day.  It’s also a great idea for couples who were never really into the idea of a big wedding anyway, and want to spend their money on experience instead of just stuff (Hello, that’s meeeee!).  An elopement can be any intimate wedding day with just the two of you, or 15 or less people in attendance.  An elopement is  your wedding day done your way.  You can do anything you want!

An all day experience centered around your interests!  Think about going to a music festival together and getting married on an empty stage or on a tour bus!

An all day hiking elopement: Think sipping coffee in your Airbnb and hike up a mountain to watch the sunrise together with a picnic and a 6 pack of beer.

A multi-day road trip: Think driving down the Key West chain stopping for coronas and key lime pie, and renting a private yacht for the day to go snorkeling.

A full day of urban city activities: Think vows in a donut shop, and getting tattoos at my tattoo shop!!!

An extreme adventure wedding. Think hot air balloons, helicopter rides, zip line over a canyon, or taking a ferry to an island and camping overnight- this is a great excuse to try something you've always wanted to do!

The world has never been so receptive to the idea of a small meaningful ceremonies and elopements, and what that means for you is a your family being more receptive to the idea and a large selection of options (vendors and locations) right at your fingertips.  Now more than ever couples are asking, "How do I get married without a lot of people?”  I believe deeply how amazing and wonderful elopements are, and I believe in creating and crafting an entire experience using all of my creativity on you as not only your photographer, but your guide for the day.  Elopements are not photoshoots.…they are your wedding day with an amazing and meaningful experience focused on YOU! 



You need at LEAST 4 HOURS AND HERE IS WHY.  1 hour elopements?  That’s totally not enough you guys.  That's a photoshoot.  I want more, and couples want more.  You deserve a meaningful and super fun full day experience from start to finish.  Imagine having an amazing story of your adventurous elopement day and telling friends and family the story of “that’s how we got married!”  You deserve the exact same options that a large wedding day photographer would offer you.  It’s called a “wedding day” for a reason, and eloping is so much more than saying vows and taking portraits.  

Elopements don’t have to be just 2 people.  An elopement is any kind of intimate wedding experience where the focus is just on the couple.  A large event wedding is more of a performance that shifts the focus more on the overall wedding experience.  


Elopements can be anywhere!  You do not have to hike 10 miles or jump under a waterfall in your dress.  I live in Orlando, and we do plenty of fun all day elopements here in the City, and then we also travel to deserts and mountains.  For example, you can see a timeline here of what my personal dream urban elopement would look like here in Orlando Florida.  

Amy and Tim Elope
Scotland Elopement.jpg

10 Hour Timeline Example

If the two of you could go anywhere, do anything, see anything, or experience anything... what would that day look like? What would you eat, what would you do, where would you go? Think of an awesome date day.  Places meaningful to you.  Places you would like to go but have never seen before. Roadtrip. Go Sightseeing. Make a campfire and roast marshmallows and do your first dance around the fire.  Eat your dream foods with a private chef in an airbnb. An elopement can be an intimate wedding at the place he or she proposed, on a rooftop, your favorite brewery, or your home.  Any style for any vibe! Be authentic to who you are as a couple, and point it towards an intimate wedding experience. 


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