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What To Expect When You Hire Me As Your Wedding Photographer

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

So you just got engaged, and are looking for the perfect venue, the perfect cake, and the PERFECT PHOTOGRAPHER!

There are a lot of reasons I could tell you to hire me, but the biggest reason you should book me as your photographer is because I CARE SOOOOO MUCH!!!!!! I care that you have an experience that you walk away with and LOVE. I care that we become friends, and I can get inside your head to see your vision. I care that you have images that are sharp, and that you feel you invested in the best photographer on the planet. I care that you walk away with all kinds of different moments even if it means you walk away with A LOT of images!


First of all, you don't have to like donuts or tattoos to work with me. However, you should pick me only if you like my images, and feel like we'll have fun together. You do not want to feel uncomfortable around your photographer on your wedding day! Yuck! To find out if we click, let's meet at our tattoo shop and chat over a box of donuts. That sentence alone might be a huge clue if we are meant to be! It's never a bad time of the day to eat a donut, and the tattoo shop is always so fun to visit. If you havn't booked your consultation with me already, go ahead and email me or use the links below. Let's make it a date!

If you don't want any video or tattoos, please use this link to book your consultation with me:

"Yes I want videos of my wedding day and/or tattoos!" Please use this link to book a consultation with Tim and myself:

We can also chat on the phone if your schedule and location doesn't allow for us to meet in person. During our consultation on the phone, online, or in person it's so important to me that we meet to see if I am a good fit for you. Your wedding photographer is so much more than just the images you receive. While the images can sometimes be enough of a reason to chose your photographer… it’s also the way you feel when you’re with them in front of the camera. If we don’t hit it off… no hard feelings. We can still eat some donuts and chat about cats, tattoos, and my love for inappropriate cross stitch in my free time!


Did you know that I also teach at Full Sail University? I have some homework for you, and you get an A++ for doing it all in a timely manner:


Wedding Goals Worksheet

Photo Checklist

Invoice For Retainer

I will send these to you after, or during our consultation. Just like that we are set and you will get a confirmation that I'm your wedding photographer!


I love to do engagement sessions with my clients somewhere fun! This gives us a chance to really start to bond and work together, and less stress on the big day! We might go to the beach, walk in the woods, play with some smoke bombs, or get tattoos at the shop. Whatever we do it will be FUN, and 100% authentic to represent who you are together as a couple. If you love Harry Potter we'll waive our wands around at Universal. If you met at a bookstore, we sip coffee and cozy up in a good book shop.

Your engagement session is INCLUDED FOR FREE with my Wedding Only and Wedding and Engagement Package. If you want a wedding package that is more al a carte we can add your engagement for $240!


I always tell people an average number of photos they will get, but anyone who knows me definitely knows that I probably give you too many photos. because there’s no reason for me NOT to give you all the good ones (granted if they look the exact same you don’t need all of those but if the image is different and it meets my criteria of great … well it’s yours!! I document all the little moments, because all the little moments matter to me. I care sooo much about MY CLIENTS. And guess what… I call them my clients… but my clients aren’t just my clients. They become my friends & family. I really do love and care for those that I have the honor to document. I want you to feel like I’m a close friend that shows up to love you, and serve you and capture you the way that you are. I care about the details of your lives and what’s going on. Yes I get busy and I loose touch because that is life and it happens… but gosh if I run into ANYONE out and about you better believe that I am going to stop and hug them (and I’m not a huger but that’s how much I love my clients… they become friends and family) and we’re going to catch up even if it’s all of two minutes. Y’all if you want someone who is going to love you and serve you and have your backs well that’s me!!!!


Not the Meg Ryan kind of "you've got mail"...The actual walk to your mailbox or open your front door to a package from me mail!

You will receive all of your images 2 weeks after your wedding in an online album that you can download and share. You will also get a wooden memory box with goodies inside in the mail! When I was young I sent a balloon with my name written on it off into the sky and that resulted with meeting penpals and I would mail back and forth hand-made packages for every holiday my whole life. I loved the feeling of getting something hand-made personally for me in the mail, and I want to share that joy with you!

If you are interested in having me as your Wedding Photographer, please email me at and I will get back to you with all of my information to make this all happen!  For a quick glimpse of who I am click here.  Here is a glimpse of investment information.  If you’re ready to book your consultation go ahead and click HERE!


Amy Jo Edwards

The Tattooed Bride Photography

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