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Matching Tattoos and Photoshoot

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Have you ever wanted to get matching tattoos and a professional photoshoot? Well now you can have both!

I've seen it a million times at our tattoo studio. A client will get a tattoo, and then try to reach around their back with the selfie camera on to get a blurry photo to capture the memory of the moment. I'm here to help put an end to that! Not only do I take professional photos of clients and tattoos when I am hanging out in our tattoo studio with Tim, but I also take them out on adventurous photography adventures with their fresh ink!

Experience custom design matching tattoos made just for you and expertly done by Tim Lease Tattoos prior to your photoshoot with me: The Tattooed Bride Photography.

DJ and Alicia saw a hummingbird on a romantic vacation, and after that they started seeing them and noticing them more everywhere. The hummingbird has become a symbol for their friendship and union together, and what better tattoo than these cute little flying gems to get together! We spend the rest of the afternoon exploring Winter Park and touring flower gardens with their new little hummingbirds on a photoshoot.

You can add this service to any photoshoot or wedding day with me for $150 an hour (discounted fee from Tim's usual $200 an hour), and you will get VIP access to get your tattoo done outside of regular hours.  You must email me to set this up outside of Tim's normal schedule or let me know when you book your photography service. Tim is normally booked out for months, but you will get access to book your session the day of or two weeks before your photoshoot at discount. Everything is better when we all work together!

  • Get tattoos and your engagement photos all in one day!

  • Craft a full day elopement with Me, My Camera (I have not named her yet), and Tim with tattoos and mimosas at our tattoo shop as one of your stops!

  • Celebrate your one year anniversary with tattoos and a photoshoot!

  • Get tattooed at your wedding! YES THAT'S RIGHT! Ask me how!

Email to book or chat more!

-Amy Edwards

The Tattooed Bride Photography

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