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Elegant and Hauntingly Beautiful Bride

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Halloween, Horror Movies, Fall, and Pumpkins! These were dream clients!


Rob and Fiorella bonded over their love for Fall, Chipotle, Halloween, and Horror movies! They said "I do" in the Fall, and we chose a woodland location for their wedding photos with beautiful oak tress dripping with southern Spanish moss, and little forest clearings full of Fall leaves. Their wedding day was elegant and hauntingly beautiful!

They rode their brooms all the way to Salem for a spooky little honeymoon, and I just can't get over how gorgeous their wedding photos are!


Just look at this beautiful tattooed bride! This is what I live for! Please don't cover your tattoos on your wedding day ladies. They are beautiful, and they make you a work of art!

I love the passions and little pieces of themselves that these two brought to their wedding day. Bonding over horror movies and chipotle is tricky to convey in photography, and they brought all of these elements into their wedding so elegantly. I also happen to think having horror movies in common is fantastic because there’s nothing like bonding over a newfound fear brought up on the couch during a Halloween horror movie marathon, or your criticism of how dumb that girl must be to investigate a strange noise in the basement with a serial killer on the loose. I can completely relate to this couple's passions and just think they are the coolest and nicest people ever!

Congratulations Fiorella and Rob!

-The Tattooed Bride Photography

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