Trees and Mountains
Elopement Guides and Worksheets For My Clients! 

The Tattooed Bride Photography's "LNT" Leave No Trace Guide

I started photographing elopements because I love the outdoors, and I know you do too, which is why I’m so excited to share this guide with you, which has a ton of helpful things to consider as you plan your outdoor wedding day, to keep the amazing location you’ll say your vows looking beautiful for years to come.


The Tattooed Bride's Elopement Pinterest Inspo Board!

I add everything in here from a link to my favorite hiking shoes, to dresses I just saw in a blog that I think you might love and enjoy quickening finding Inspo for your wedding day attire, styling, and accessories here: 


My Location Bucket List!

If you see a location on this Pinterest board that you want to elope at, I will give you a huge discount to shoot your elopement at any of these locations!  I believe in putting things out there in the world like this because the last time I posted that I was dreaming of doing an elopement in Utah, very shortly after someone contacted me about it! 

Elope in Hawii

A Beginner's Guide To Wilderness and Backcountry Hiking Prep

For the adventure seekers! Back Country Hiking can make an amazing elopement location because they are often hard to get to locations, and far away from the crowded tourist centers at National Parks. However, there is a lot of consider when hiking such as items to bring, preparedness, and your guests accessibility as well. 

Hiking Boots

Elope in 2021 Blog by The Tattooed Bride Photography

Here is a brief guide and summary about how to plan your elopement.  I love when clients read what I have to say and show you here about elopements, so that we can talk about this in our consults and meetings together! 

Screen Shot 2021-02-08 at 2.48.41 PM.png

Need to Rent a Dress? 

I always have something in my client closet here.  I also have some dresses pinned on my Pinterest boards and some websites you can check out!