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Elope in 2021

Love isn't cancelled! Get married this year even with Covid-19 still going on!

I know things are rough right now, and as a wedding and elopement photographer I am seeing hearts broken and dreams crushed after years of wedding planning was ruined by the virus in 2020. There's still lots of uncertainity in 2021, and many couples are asking "is it ok to still plan my large wedding this year?"

I’m also seeing couples taking things into their own hands, and having more elopements! This is an amazing idea for couples who are bummed and worried right now about what this year is going to look like, and looking for an epic wedding day with nothing to stand in their way! .  It’s also a great idea for couples who were never really into the idea of a big wedding anyway (Hello, that’s meeeee!).  

Venues are offering elopement packages even if they aren't advertised. Just ask them! The world has never been so receptive to the idea of a small meaningful ceremonies and elopements.  Now more than every couples are asking, "How do I get married without a lot of people?”  

I believe deeply how amazing and wonderful elopements are, and I believe in creating and crafting an entire experience using all of my creativity on you. Elopements are not just photoshoots…they are your wedding day with an amazing and meaningful experience focused on YOU! 

Check out this elopement inspiration in a local plant shop!

What is an elopement and why book an elopement photographer that specializes in elopement photography? Elopements don’t have to be just 2 people.  You can have 2 people, or 20! An elopement is any kind of intimate wedding experience where the focus is just on the couple.

1 to 2 hour elopements?  That’s not enough you guys.  I want more, and couples want more! You deserve a meaningful and super fun full day experience from start to finish.  Imagine having an amazing story of your adventurous elopement day and telling friends and family the story of “that’s how we got married!”  You deserve the exact same options that a large wedding day photographer would offer you.  It’s called a “wedding day” for a reason, and eloping should be so much more than saying vows and taking portraits.  

For example, here are some things to include and consider in your elopement:

  1. A frist look 

  2. Your pets

  3. First dance 

  4. Nature 

  5. Laughter and smiles 

  6. The vows

  7. Exploring new places 

  8. Taking in a view together 

  9. Doing what you love

  10. Disconnecting from the real world 

  11. Toasts and mini cake for two 

  12. Going off the beaten path

  13. Sexy intimate moments 

  14. Adventure 

  15. Cuddling 

  16. The first kiss 

Things to do and include in your all day elopement. I'll use Orlando, FL as an example just bc that's where I currently live. Don't forget to bring your photographer along for the WHOLE day with you!

  1. Go see a Drive in movie. They are more popular now than ever!  

  2. Hit up your fav bakery spot for a mini cake/donut and champagne toast 

  3. Get Coffee together at your fav coffee shop before getting ready for your big day

  4. Head to a Rooftop bar downtown to take in a view

  5. Check out a Museum together

  6. The Enzian for a garden picnic and tiki cocktail

  7. Disney Parks, Boardwalk, hotels, or Springs

  8. Universal Studios, Harry Potter, or City Walk 

  9. Go play Mini golf in your wedding attire

  10. Plant shopping for your home and flower arrangement bars- You can create your own bouquet at places like the flower truck and The Heavy WP 

  11. Picnic in a Park such as- Kraft Azalea, Dickson, Mead Gardens 

  12. Roadtrip to The beach or a state park to go hiking or kayaking- Almost any place in Florida is at a distance of not more than 60 miles (100 km) from the ocean.

  13. Plan around events such as festivals such as setting off lanterns and the Florida State fair for a quirky nostalgic feeling: (only certain time of the year)

  14. Go get pizza or tapas and go for a bike ride around the city.

  15. Go buy a new record together and play it at home on your record player for a first dance!

  16. Have a back yard elopement!

  17. Book a private venue for a small party of 20 or less or just for a small ceremony! Lots of businesses are trying to recover from Covid 2020 and will gladly let you have the whole place to yourself for an hour or two!