Travel tips for Amsterdam!

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Amsterdam is so ROMANTIC! I absolutely loved it and caught myself saying "It's so romantic here!..." at least a dozen times out loud. Canals with candlelit boat rides, quaint coffee shops on every street, and dozens of bikes and flowers littered everywhere you go! here is what we learned and enjoyed!


We hired a fabulous photographer to walk us through the heart of Amsterdam for $95 per person. If you are ever there look her up and her IG: florenciajadia

Tattoo Convention: We were fortunate enough to travel to Amsterdam for during Halloween (which they do not celebrate on the same day we do or anything like the consumerism extent that we do), and for the 14th International Amsterdam Tattoo Convention! The tattoo convention will be happening again in October on the 25th-27th and you can check out how to attend here: T

Tim and I spent some quality time together while he outlined a swan tattoo on my hip. *girlfriends and wives of tattoo artists* it's a lot easier to get tattooed at a convention by your man lol! I for one don't sit well, comment and oversee what's going on, and complain about the pain because he's one person in the world who is never supposed to hurt me and is burning into my skin! However, with this setting you will be constantly distracted by people walking by, chatting, listening to loud music, and your man is so in the zone because all eyes are on that linework for the award ceremony lol! Seriously try it!

We also spent a lot of time wandering the city. First tip: WALK EVERYWHERE! There are so many canals and bridges to wander around. We ended up covering 5-10 miles a day and never bothered with a cab. They do have water taxi's but we opted for the dinner wine and cheese cruise which you can buy tickets for right next to Central Station on the canal.

Amsterdam Tattoo Convention

Museums and ART: Try to go when it's "museum night"...this happens every Fall usually in October or November and you can check the website here for dates. It's only $20 for a wrist band to enter EVERY MUSEUM in Amsterdam! We were lucky enough to be there during those dates and attend the Ruksmuseum museum to see Van Gogh's portrait and Rebrandt's "Night Watch" and the torture museum which were both amazing! Artist alert *there's a lot of great art supply stores on the street in from the the Ruksmuseum! We were searching for leather paint here and other paint to use during the tattoo convention during some down time.

Food and Hotels: Experience it all! Sleep in until noon, head out at noon for lunch and coffee, and wander! As far as food goes, the most notable place we ate at was The Sea Palace! This place was amazing. A very old woman came out of the kitchen and cut my sea bass off of the bone at my table for me to make sure I avoided all bones, and all of the food was amazing! I particularly liked just getting cheeses at local cheese shops along with a bottle of wine and snacking on my balcony back at our airbnb more than anything else. We stayed at this lovely airbnb and would definitely recommend staying there:

Can't wait to go back!

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