Travel tips for Milan, Italy

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

I recently shared a blog for traveling to Palermo, Naples, Rome, and Venice in Italy.

Well, this month I decided to also visit Milan, Italy! It's a very large city, much like Rome, but more urban. If you have time to stop in Milan and do something besides shopping, here are a few tips!

1) Visit the Duomo Di Milano Cathedral

The Duomo is beautiful! The highlights of this cathedral are it's massive fronts doors, and the roof! Yes, you can walk about on the roof! We took one of the last tours up to the roof near sunset and it was so worth it. I would give yourself a good hour to walk above and another hour to walk around below. The restoration they are doing revealed beautiful pink marble and sandstone. So pretty and smooth it's hard to run your fingers over the entire building. We also got some snacks within view of the cathedral after touring, to enjoy the area!

2. Monumental Cemetery

Address: Piazzale Cimitero Monumentale, 20154 Milano MI, Italy

This is so much more than an enormous cemetery. It's and open-air museum with thousands of sculptures dedicated to one theme. Death.

Tim and I love to visit crypts and bone churches, and this was a new favorite cemetery.

3. Rent bikes

One great way to see a large city to use the public transportation, and we love to bike! There are tons of bikes you can rent around the city using an app and paying hourly. Just make sure that it locks properly back in, and you'll get an email confirmation. I wouldn't bother getting the electric bikes, because neither of ours had any charge.

The food is great everywhere in Italy! We actually were so tired when we visited Milan that we used uber eats a lot to get pizza and pasta delivered to our apartment. No regrets there!

Rome is still by far my favorite city in Italy, Venice, Palermo, then Milan. It's hard to compare all the cities together because they are so different though!

The airport is a 1 hour train ride away, but it much less expensive than taking a cab to the city.

Happy traveling!

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