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You can add anything below to your wedding or elopement package.  Extras can be added at the time of signing your contract with THE TATTOOED BRIDE PHOTOGRAPHY, or added at anytime by clicking the links below and notifying your photographer of the additional services! 


Smoke Bombs

Add a touch of color!

We LOVE doing smoke bomb photos, and are skilled in this particular type of photography..  You can add one color to your session or wedding for $80, or add more colors for $40 per each additional color.  Please use link above to add one color and message me if you need a few more! 

These have to be ordered at least 6 weeks in advance because of the explosives and hazmat shipping ( I have to schedule to be home and sign for them when they ship).  If you are shipping these to a destination outside of Florida, I will need to ship them to that location (I cannot bring these on a plane).  Not all venues and locations will allow these, so please check with your venue or with me beforehand.

Tim Lease Tattoos

Couples Tattoos

Matching tattoos prior to your engagement shoot or wedding/elopement day! 


Matching tattoos are ($200 an hour (discounted fee from usual $250 an hour) and you will get VIP access to bookings, and I will document your tattoos! You can choose from Tim Lease, or one of our resident artist at the tattoo shop we own, Golden Tarot Ink Club, in Winter Park Florida.  Small simple tattoos and wedding band tattoos can be one in one hour.  If you are looking for something larger, please book a 4-8 hour session here.  It's best to book your tattoo session at least two weeks before your photoshoot! Email me to book,  or book as session Mon-Sat from 12pm-9pm below. 

Screen Shot 2020-11-16 at 4.49.13 PM.png

Tattoo Party

Have your bachelorette, bachelor party, birthday party, or corporate event at our shop! Bring your friends! Private rental of the shop and drinks from our bar are included. Bring decorations before your event to set up and you can bring your own special drinks and snacks if you wish. Choose your own Spotify playlist.


Tim will tattoo as many clients as he can with small custom tattoos in 2 hours for $800! You can choose a customized menu of tattoos for your party to choose from, or all receive matching tattoos! It's a tattoo party!


Photography for your social media and a shareable blog is included. This includes private rental of our tattoo shop after our normal business hours for 2 hours from 10pm-12am only. If you need more hours please email for availability.


Client Closet Rentals

Rent a dress in my personal collection for your elopement, maternity, engagement, or just for fun photos!  Dresses come with slips available and include cleaning.  First book your photo session with me, and then then book one of these dresses! 


Wedding Band Tattoos

Add on to your photography package with the Tattooed Bride Photography! Wedding band tattoos! $150 for two wedding band tattoos or finger tattoos.  


You can choose your own wedding band design or have one of our artists design it for you.  Once you pay for your wedding band tattoo, I will contact you to book your session.  You can do this on your wedding day/ elopement day or before/after. 


We prefer that you get tattooed at our studio (Golden Tarot Ink Club) in Winter Park Florida but we can also tattoo you at guest spot locations.  

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