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Smoke bombs! These are the best smoke bombs that I have on hand at the moment, and I'm clearing out my inventory!  They are $40 per one single smoke bombs of one color, and I'm offering a 20% off sale to clear my inventory.  That includes 1 smoke bomb color for one pose and the extra editing time that these types of photos require.  Smoke bombs last 30-90 seconds for each stick.  Highly recommend ordering two smoke bombs of the same color (or different colors) just in case one doesn't pull correctly.  That rarely happens, and if one is faulty you can email shutter bombs for a replacement.  These are an add-on to any photography session with The Tattooed Bride and I will bring these along for our shoot.  The location we are shooting in must allow smoke bomb photography, and we will take every precaution when using these.  Cannot be used in the woods or fields to avoid any forest fires during dry seasons.  


If you don't see colors here that you would like, or need more than what I have on hand please order these Enola Gaye WP40 single smoke bombs from and bring them to your session ....Here is the exact link to the type of smoke bomb that I use:  They cost Subtotal $12.24 per smoke bomb plus Shipping is a $40.00 hazmat fee and Estimated taxes of $3.39, for a Total of USD $55.63 for one color.  If you order more smoke bombs at one time it's the same price for shipping and that is recommended for bridal parties.  You will also need to be home to sign for the hazmat shipping because they are shipped as an explosive.  I recommend ordering two smoke bombs for the couple.  One for the groom to hold while the could walk together, and one to go off in the background while the couple is walking.   The more you have, the better.  



Add on color smoke bomb to your session- 1 color

$40.00 Regular Price
$32.00Sale Price
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