Make it Blue. Make it Pink!!! We turned Ever After Blueberry Farms PINK!

Godmother Flora would be very proud to see that we turned Ever After Blueberry Farms into a fun pink themed wedding! Merryweather can have her blueberries on the farm another day!

This couple had their fairytale wedding at Ever After Blueberry Farms here in Florida. I love going to this farm and flying my drone over the fields, and just the peace and getting away from it all out in the country!

When I met the bride and groom they said two things that made me want to work with them:

1) They wanted Pink smoke bombs to match the groom's pink hair! You know I LOVE my smoke bombs in photography guys!

2) The bride wanted a swamp witch feeling to some of her photos

HELL YEAH! I am so happy to share these photos. The dancing at the party was out of control and on point at the same time! How did every single person at the wedding have serious moves?!

The Details:

The Ceremony!



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