Intimate Elopement With Surprises in Winter Park Florida!

How an "Unexpected Journey" of getting married during Covid made this intimate wedding so epic!

Like so many other couples that got engaged during Covid in 2020, Katie and Patrick dreamed up a smaller than planned wedding day into the sweetest intimate wedding ceremony (with a lot of activities and surprises planned)! I think my favorite thing to happen since we wedding industry has been hit by Covid, is that many couples are having smaller and more intimate wedding ceremonies and filling their day with fun and unique activities that are centered around what they love to do and where they love to go as a couple. This is so much more common now with young first time homebuyers in a higher than ever housing market here in Florida, and for young couples with families that can still not travel too much due to Covid. Celebration Gardens in Winter Park Florida was a great gem for a small wedding ceremony. They are extremely affordable and accommodate elopements and small weddings in a beautiful backyard garden venue. There is a small cottage for getting ready, and a little reception hall for drinks and to cool off in some air-conditioning here in Florida. The venue was perfect for the 12 guests and young couple that said "I do" under the garden gazebo with a few of their own art deco wedding decor touches.

The surprises to the day included things such as:

-a live wedding painter

-harp player

-sharing a coffee after the ceremony at a local coffee shop, The Glass Knife, with just the two of them

-A trip to the Orlando Science Center where the couple shared a private first wedding dance on the rooftop

-Lord of the rings inspired wedding decorations and details to celebrate their love

Live Wedding Painter @eventpaintingbyjamie |

Elopement Winter Park Florida
The Glass Knife In Winter Park

Photography by The Tattooed Bride Photography

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