October Engagement Photos

Updated: Feb 17

Even if you are getting married next October, then why not do your engagement photos THIS October so that you can use the same fun Fall vibes as your wedding! It's fun to dream about how you will be getting married in exactly one year from now, and plus there is plenty of decor in the stores that you can use as props! Now is the time to head to the nearest pumpkin patch or craft store and grab those pumpkins!

Tips to make Florida feel more well "Fall Season":

  • Props are always super helpful. Something as simple as a craft pumpkin can bring some warm fuzzy Fall feelings to you.

  • Shoot at sunset on a day where there is no rain for a few days. Everything will feel a bit more dry after it hasn't rained in Florida for 3 days, and you will get a tiny taste of some Fall vibes with just a little weather change!

  • Wear black and Fall sweaters. Ok, this is a sacrifice one because yes it's still going to be hot out. But you can always sit in the car for a few minutes and blast that AC to cool off!

I cannot wait to shoot this wedding next Halloween 2022!


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