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Celtic Knot Matching Couple Tattoos

Celtic Knot Tattoos are a GREAT idea to get together! There are so many options when it comes to deciding on matching couple tattoo together. What design will you get, who will be your artist, and where will you go? Make sure you choose an artist that will make your tattoos last the test of time. Just like your love!

What are Celtic Knots?

Tim Lease Tattoos made these lovely little Celtic knots for an engagement!

Celtic knots are complete loops that have no start or finish and could be said to represent eternity. Only one thread is used in each design which symbolized how life and eternity are interconnected.

There are many types of Celtic Knots you can choose from for your tattoo design! Here are 5 great options for couples!

1) Trinity Knot

The triquetra knot, or the Trinity knot is the most famous and probably the most popular in modern day culture. You can spot it in typical Celtic jewelry, in religious works such as the Book of Kells, and it is used to symbolize the Holy Trinity. Today it is commonly worn as a symbol of Irish ancestry or everlasting love.

2) The Celtic Spiral Knot

In its purest form, it stands for eternal life. It has a three-sided knot which stands for the forces of nature—earth, water, and fire. The one continuous line stands for unity and oneness of spirit. The spiral stands for growth, eternal life and movement in the cosmos. The whirls of the spiral stand for continuous growth while the gaps between the spirals stand for the gaps between life, death, and rebirth. A perfect tattoo design to symbolize growing together!

3) The Celtic Love Knot

The Celtic Love knot, sometimes referred to as the Anam Cara Knot (Deriving from the Irish words for soul friend from Celtic wisdom) is a modern addition to the Celtic knot family. This stands for the love between two people, depicted by interlaced knots. Lovers exchange these knots just as couples exchange rings these days. Exchanging love knots can be a gift to one's lover to celebrate and anniversary or engagement.

4) Celtic Sailor's Knot

The Sailor’s Knot comprises of two ropes woven together to create endless loops. The story behind this design is that Celtic sailors would weave ropes in memory of the loves ones left behind as they embarked on treacherous voyages on open seas. These knots also signify eternal love.

A love that will never break because these knots are the most durable of all the Celtic knots.

5) Celtic Shield Knot

The Shield Knot is an ancient Celtic symbol of protection. This knot was placed near ill people or on battle shields for warding off the evil spirits or any other danger. It can be made in several designs, but its uniqueness lies in its four distinct corners. A Shield Knot is usually shaped as a square or appears to be a square within a circle. It is commonly used to symbolize good luck and protection.

Choose your artist wisely! Do not just walk into the nearest tattoo shop. Check our their instagrams before you even go to see the artist. No matter which Celtic Knot you choose, you can make variations as long as your artist does not break the continuation of the single strand. Tattoo artist, Tim Lease Tattoos, in Orlando Florida suggests only using black ink so that your tattoo will truly last as long as your love for each other.

Placement for your tattoo and aftercare are important to consider. Hand and finger tattoos tend to fade and are know to "blow out", meaning looking faded and smudged more than tattoos on other parts of your body over time. If you do get a tattoo on your hand or finger choose thin line, simple knots, and not too much detail.

Most importantly: GO TOGETHER! A matching couples tattoo is a celebration of your love together. You can hire a photographer to have the whole thing documented and tattoo artists love that kind of exposure. Ask your wedding photographer if they can come to your tattoo session, or schedule it to be a part of your elopement day or on your day after you tie the literal real knot! Do not get tattooed on the morning of your wedding day, because your tattoo will be bloody and gross and red under that Saniderm wrap, and you will have to wear your aftercare bandage for at least a few days.

Take care of your tattoo, especially if you are getting it done before your wedding day. As a photographer and tattoo shop manager, I suggest getting your tattoo done at least 2 weeks before your wedding and using Saniderm to heal your tattoo. The larger your tattoo is, the longer it will take to heal. Your photographer doesn't want to have a scabbed tattoo, bloody tattoo, or a tattoo covered by Saniderm wrap to photoshop out!

You can add florals and details to make your tattoo more of a finished larger piece as well. The easiest part is deciding that you want a tattoo and letting your artist design the piece for you. The hardest part is choosing a tattoo artist!

We own a tattoo studio here in Winter Park Florida, and we know what we're talking about! Please email me for any questions at thetattooedbride@gmail.com

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