Blanket Ceremony

A blanket ceremony is a Native American tradition where the couple is wrapped in a blanket together to symbolize unity. Blanket Ceremony traditions differ from tribe to tribe, and for this ceremony the couple was blessed by an elder tribe member while they said personal vows to each other in front of very close immediate family members. This ceremony had a very special meaning for one of the descendants of the Meherrin Indian Nation in Ahoskie North Carolina. Raina Skybird grew up very involved with her tribe and attended powwows and tribal events growing up. Her Irish fiancé, Hollis, could not be happier to join in the traditions of his new bride-to-be!

The couple had previously planned to have a traditional western wedding on Halloween, but due to Covid the couple moved their wedding to next year and had this pre-wedding ceremony in it's place. Social distancing with close family members were easy to obtain on the large tribal land on a beautiful Fall day.

In loving memory of Hollis Harris's Grandma Nan who passed away at age 105 only 2 weeks after spending the day with her closest family and friends and looking quite beautiful!

Also in memory of Mark who Hollis honored by wearing his suit and Raina honored by carrying a card in her bouquet

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