Adorable Beach Wedding

On July 25th, 2020 Erica and Alex decided nothing was going to stop them from celebrating their love. Not even a global pandemic!

A lot of things have been cancelled in 2020, but not LOVE! Erica and Alex celebrated their love with an intimate beach wedding with their closest family and friends in Melbourne, Florida. They said their vows with their toes in the sand, they sea air in their hair, and not a care in the world other than being together. This was the wedding we all needed! Family and friends that haven't been a part of their lives since March, were happily reunited. It was one perfect day where everyone got to get away for the day, and to be together!

Of course it was disappointing that due to the pandemic, not every one could make it to Florida to the wedding. Due to travel cancellations, and health and safety many could not be here for the day. A seat was saved just for you by the altar!

Of course, also as it is with seasons and sadness of life that many could not be with Erica and Alex. Their presence and warmth of love was felt at all times on this special day.

For any engaged couples affected by coronavirus who are thinking of having a smaller than planned wedding, I would say “Do it.” We live in such an uncertain world, especially right now. This wedding was such a special day and now Erica and Alex can face the world together feeling at ease, because they get to face the rest of 2020 as husband and wife!

For those that could not be with Erica and Alex on this special day, please know that you are loved tremendously and at all times were thought of!

Getting Ready

The First Look

The Ceremony


Family and Friends see more here.

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