5 Ways To Show Your Tattoos On Your Wedding Day

Tattooed Brides are shrugging off those bridal shawls and showing off their tattoos all over the world.

As more and more young people get tattooed and married, the stereotypes of tattoos on your wedding day are slowly wearing off. One out of five adults today have at lease one tattoo. It is actually very common that brides will actually get tattooed before their wedding day, just to show them off!

Brides shouldn't wear tattoos or glasses on their wedding day? I give you exhibit A

Tattooed women are no longer being made to feel like they should cover up their tattoos, and our culture is changing to even allow tattoos in the workplace more and more.

Personally when I was younger I wanted to get a peony on my shoulder so badly, but every time I thought about actually making the appointment I decided against it because I worried what would people think of me on my wedding day? Now, I am purposely getting tattoos before my wedding day to show off in my dress. I'm choosing a dress that's main objective is to show off my beautiful artwork of tattoos on my body. My tattoos make me feel so beautiful and more confident, and my partner loves my tattoos maybe even more than I do!

If you love your tattoos, then why not show them off in a dress you love? After all, I bet your beloved loves them too!

There are some timelines and aftercare to consider if you are choosing to get a new tattoo or to have an old tattoo fixed, or cover up an old tattoo with a fresh new tattoo.

1) First, choose your tattoo Artist and schedule your tattoo appointment 12-6 months before your wedding day.

The last thing you want is for your tattoo to be unfinished on your wedding day, which commonly happens with larger pieces that take multiple sessions. Your last tattoo appointment to finish all of your artwork should be one month before your wedding. This is to allow plenty of time for proper healing and new skin to develop. When your tattoo is first healing it will be very shiny for a few weeks, and this can really cause glare problems for your photographer.

2) As a photographer for tattooed brides I strongly suggest that photographers use natural light.

Take some portraits before or on your wedding day outside in natural light. Or near an open window with soft light coming in. Flash photography can cause terrible glares on tattoos. Especially fresh black tattoos.

3) I also suggest choosing a dress and hair style that accentuates your tattoos!

Look for sheer or backless dress if you have a back tattoo, and necklines that show off shoulder and chest tattoos. Some dresses even have cutouts for sternum and ribcage tattoos to be visible! Also choose a hairstyle to show off your shoulder or neck tattoo by sweeping your hair to the side or choosing an up do!

4) Get Meaningful Matching Tattoos

You can get your wedding bands or initials tattooed or small matching tattoos a few weeks or the day after you wedding! Even consider doing this on your elopement day as part of you timeline!

5) Hire an alternative wedding photographer, that you know will love your tattoos and will be glad to show you and your tattoos off!

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