Celebrate your 1 year anniversary with a "Relaxed at home" Mini session! 

Or just celebrate any time of the year really!



What a great way to celebrate your first year of being married and living together.  Or celebrate that you moved into a new house! Cozy up with your dogs in bed, drink coffee in the new home you just moved into together, or laugh and cuddle on that new sofa you bought together.   This is a very casual photoshoot and makes a great gift! It's going to be so much fun!   


What should I wear? 

Check out my style guides below!  You want to stick to neutral colors and loose-fitting clothing.  If it's the Holiday season, matching Christmas pajamas are so cute I can't even handle it. 

Are pets ok? 

Absolutely! Did you know that Tim and I have 7 cats and a large German Shorthaired Pointer? 

Can I wear just my undies?  

You sure can.  Let's not make it too sexy though.  We're not doing boudoir here! Think Sunday morning lazy undies and comfortable pretty or casual ones.  Cute bralets with cardigans on and open are adorable.  That's what I live in when I'm at home on the weekends.  

Should I do my hair and makeup? 

Of course, but take it easy there.  Beachy waves are best for hair and messy buns.  Keep your makeup soft and natural.  If you would like your hair and makeup done, I have a 3rd party vendor that can come to you by request based on her availability.  

What are some cool props I should buy?  

Matching cute coffee cups are great!  Socks with sayings on the bottom or them.  White comforters and sheets that look crisp and clean.  Borrow a friend's cool house plant or buy a new house plant friend to brighten up your nightstand or kitchen.

I'm ready to book, now what? 

For my past brides: Book during your wedding anniversary month here.

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