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Wedding and Elopement Photography showing off gorgeous tattooed brides since 2018 (you don't have to be tattooed to work with us, but man do we love a tattooed or non-traditional couple)!

Our tattoo shop and home base is located in Winter Park, Florida and willing to travel anywhere for elopements and destination weddings worldwide. 

Show off your tattoos in your wedding dress by getting them retouched, wedding band tattoos, and MORE at our tattoo studio here in Winter Park Floirda...

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To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

I just think brides with tattoos are SO BEAUTIFUL!  Please do not buy the cover-up kits to hide your tattoos on YOUR special day.  Your wedding day should be a celebration of you!  You can come into our studio to retouch  your tattoo look fresh and new, coverup a tattoo you no longer love, or you want some some new ink for your wedding day.  I am here for you! 


Let me tell your story as beautifully as you are! You don't have to be tattooed to work with me and there are a lot of reasons to hire me for you wedding or lifestyle photos, but the biggest reason is because I CARE SO MUCH!!! 


Meet The Photographer

Hello! Calling all tattooed brides-to-be and couples! 


My name is Amy Jo Edwards, and I'm The Tattooed Bride and my mission is to photograph.....You guessed it....Gorgeous Tattooed Brides and Grooms! 


I started my career at Full Sail University in Education Leadership and when I graduated with my master's degree, my better half and I decided to open a tattoo shop in Winter Park Florida and a photography business leaving my whole family questioning "what in the heck are you doing?", but now seeing clearly why we do what I love!


When we were looking for a vacant space to open our 1st tattoo studio we started to get turned down.  A lot.  As it turns out a tattoo studio is viewed as a "problematic business"...I was shook! Some cities have ordinances blocking tattoo shops or limiting the number of parlors within their borders. Some city councils claim they attract crime, or have an adverse societal impact, or some other reason (you can insert your own absurd and outdated notion here.) Now I have seen clients crocheting while getting tattooed at our tattoo shop, and we have a yearly charity event where we adopt out KITTENS and do little tattoos of cats. Welcome to the year 2020 people lol! 


Do they think we only tattoo gang symbols?  I just don't know.  Since 1 in 5 Americans today has a tattoo, I went really far down the rabbit hole and started researching tattoos in societies, cultures, and you guessed it events such as weddings.  I found so many articles on "how to cover your tattoos on your wedding day" , and very few articles on "10 dresses to show off your tattoo art."  So here I am.  Ready to change all of that!  





3784 Howell Branch Rd, Winter Park FL 32792

Let's meet for a donut and talk!

Please book consults 24 hours in advance so I have time to see them in my calendar! 

Let's Meet In Person: Book In-Person Consult HERE

Chat with me online: Book Zoom online Consult HERE

Request a phone call: Book Phone call Consult HERE

Inside our Tattoo Studio at Golden Tarot Ink Club

3784 Howell Branch Rd

Winter Park, FL 32792




Email me at with any of your questions! 


Thanks for submitting!

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"Alternative Brides just vibrate at a higher frequency." 

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