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Included with wedding photography

About me



My name is Amy Jo Edwards, and I'm The Tattooed Bride!


I started my career in Education Leadership and when I finished my master's degree, my better half and I opened a tattoo shop in Winter Park Florida.  I just kind of fell into being their official photographer because it was FUN.  Then it got serious and I got obsessed.  Now it' s my whole life! 


When we were looking for a vacant space to open our tattoo studio we started to get turned down.  A lot.


Several property managers declined us because they didn't want tattoos near their businesses.  I still think this is very silly that they happily accept paying customers with beautiful tattoos into their own stores to shop for clothing and groceries, and this really opened my eyes to how a lot of the world still sees tattoo art.  I was too immersed in the culture to see it before.


Tattoos are expensive artwork and deeply meaningful.  The industry has changed so much...not all of it...but there are so many amazing new artists reshaping the traditional tattoo client and customer from a biker you better not look at twice, to a college freshman who wants a beautiful geometric art Harry Potter piece. 


I just think brides with tattoos are so freaking beautiful! Please do not buy the cover-up kits to hide your tattoos on YOUR special day.  You wouldn't cover up your tattoos at your own birthday party, so why would you cover up your tattoos on a day that celebrates you and the love of your life.  The person staring into your eyes at the altar LOVES your tattoos, and that's part of why he fell for you.  Maybe you even got tattoos together, and it just another part of your story.


Let me tell your story as beautifully and tastefully as possible.  


Also, let's just have some pure joyous FUN! 


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My gift to you!  Do YOU want to learn how to take better photos with your phone?  I'll be there for the big day moments, but catch those everyday precious memories!  

Here are 6 tips I use to take better phone photos of my family.  I never post photos taken on my phone to my professional photography website, but I do share phone photos to personal social media and with family so they have to be the best! 

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Let's meet for a donut and talk!

Golden Tarot Ink Club

3744 Howell Branch Rd

Winter Park, FL 32792




Email me at TheTattooedBride@gmail.com with any of your questions!