The tattooed bride guide 


Get Tattooed (or fix old tattoos/coverup tattoos)

New Tattoo Before Your Wedding Day

Fixing Old Tattoos

Cover up for tattoos

Getting Tattooed On Your Wedding Day or Elopement Day 

Choose a dress that shows off your tattoos

Find a photographer that not only knows how to photograph tattoos, but also loves and appreciates them

not all photographers are created equally.  There is so much to take into consideration when photographing a tattoo such as lighting and using the right lenses and lens filters (so that it doesn't disappear or glare), and incorporating the tattoo into the whole photograph's composition (so that you don't cut off a portrait tattoo's face or hand), and also making the model look amazing with the tattoos!  

Choose Florals That Match 

Do you have a tattoo of flowers?  Why not have your bouquet match your tattoo?  Is your shoulder tattoo red and yellow? Why not have flowers that match the colors of your tattoos.

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